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The Marquee Magazine
July, 2009
Review of GasHead - Seething Apparatus [EP]

4.5 stars / 5 stars
In 2008, GasHead changed from being an instrumental speed metal band to a full-on assault that included vocals. Back then, I wrote, “If the lyrics continue to be as strong the band will have hit a stride that could carry them for some time.”
Well here we go, one year later, with the release of their EP Seething Apparatus, this band is, quite simply, kicking ass. Great riffs, killer double-kick drum bangs and ominous lyrics to boot, make this release and the band a prime reason why there is a national resurgence in metal happening.
— Brian F. Johnson

Colorado Music Buzz
July 1, 2009
review of GasHead - Seething Apparatus [EP] by Groovey

GasHead makes metal tunes that are so humongous they can be seen from space. Seriously, the space station must have one hell of a mosh pit. GasHead's latest CD is a 4 song shredfest entitled Seething Apparatus and is available for free download. Most of the time that's a warning sign for “Suckage Ahead” but Seething Apparatus is absolutely top notch in every single aspect. For example the album is co-produced by Dave Beegle and we all know that he's about as big of a powerhouse in any music scene as you can get. Seething Apparatus is GasHead's fifth album and they have built upon those impressive previous releases each time reaching greater and greater heights. If you are one of those people who has to have a physical product to engage the other senses then there's an extra bonus for you cuz the physical CD comes with the video “Speak and Divide”. EVP is my fave song on this release. It's a shredder.

Westword: By Jason Heller
Published on August 25, 2009

Fort Collins outfit GasHead began as a solo project by guitarist Mike Lopez, then branched into a full, albeit instrumental, band — which then blossomed into a full-on, five-headed metal juggernaut with the addition of vocalist Josh Purdy on 2007's The Isolationist. With the group's new EP, though, things have contracted: Tightly focused and unshakably controlled, the four-song Seething Apparatus is a blinding, concentrated burst of GasHead's potent riffage and outrage. Combining vintage thrash with subtle progressive tendencies, Lopez and crew gloriously wreck their own architecture on the searing "EVP" and the thoroughly pissed-off "Got Your Back." But the players manage to do more than just hold shit together; they wield bleak melody like demolition experts and sheer virtuosity with all the science of chaos theoreticians.

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